Maks Klodic-Sabladoski
Other names: Max Klodic
Job / Known for: Civil Engineer
Left traces: Bohinj Railway, Solkan Bridge
Date: 1875-08-13
Location: SI
Date: 1953-11-11 (aged 78)
Resting place: SI Žale cemetery, Ljubljana
Death Cause: Natural Causes
Spouse: Mina Miczuda
Parent(s): Anton Klodič and Matilda née Pagliaruzzi
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Engineering the future, one bridge at a time.
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Maks Klodič-Sabladoski was a renowned Slovenian civil engineer known for his significant contributions to railway engineering, particularly the construction of the Bohinj Railway and the Solkan Bridge with its world-record stone arch. His work extended beyond engineering as he also engaged in marine painting. Throughout his career, he published several monographs on railway engineering and left a lasting impact on the field.
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