Karel Destovnik
Other names: Kajuh
Job / Known for: Poet
Left traces: His poetry and part in the resistance movement
Date: 1922-12-13
Location: SI Šoštanj
Date: 1944-02-22 (aged 22)
Resting place: SI Žlebnik homestead, Šentvid near Zavodnje
Death Cause: Combat casualty
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It's different to sing, as these devilish poets sing to us.
About me / Bio:
Karel Destovnik, known by his nom de guerre Kajuh, was a Slovenian poet, translator, and a resistance fighter during World War II. Born in Šoštanj, he became involved in literary and political activities at a young age. His poetry, characterized by revolutionary and love themes, was inspired by the social circumstances of his time and his personal experiences. Kajuh's work played a significant role in the cultural sphere of the Slovene resistance movement against the Axis forces. His untimely death in combat at the age of 21 cut short a promising literary career, but his legacy lives on through his contributions to Slovenian literature and national identity.
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