Zvest Apollonio
Other names:
Job / Known for: Painter and scenographer
Left traces: Jakopič Award, Istrian Arts Award
Date: 1935-05-15
Location: SI Capodistria, Koper
Date: 2009-03-25 (aged 74)
Resting place: SI Bertoki
Death Cause:
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For special achievements in shaping, researching, and preserving the cultural identity of Istria.
About me / Bio:
Zvest Apollonio was a renowned Slovenian painter and scenographer, born on May 15, 1935, in Capodistria, Koper. He grew up in a bilingual family, with an Italian father and a Slovenian mother. Apollonio's artistic journey began at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts in 1960, where he studied under Gabrijel Stupica. His dedication to art led him to become a professor at the graphic arts department at the Academy from 1973 to 1989, where he also served as head of the department and Associate Dean for four years. Apollonio's work spanned various mediums, including painting, graphics, sculpture, drawing, illustration, art equipment, mosaics, and scenery. He held over 40 solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions and international shows. His contributions to the arts were recognized with more than 30 national and international awards, including the prestigious Jakopič Award in 1984 and the Istrian Arts Award in 2003 for his special achievements in shaping, researching, and preserving the cultural identity of Istria. Apollonio passed away on March 25, 2009, in Bertoki, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire artists and art enthusiasts alike.
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