Marjan Kozina
Other names:
Job / Known for: Composer
Left traces: Symphony, Operas, Ballets
Date: 1907-06-04
Location: SI Novo Mesto
Date: 1966-06-19 (aged 59)
Resting place: SI Novo Mesto, Trška Gora
Death Cause: Illness
Parent(s): Jurij Kozina, Marija Rozina
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Music is the language of the soul.
About me / Bio:
Marjan Kozina was a Slovene composer, considered one of the most important Slovene composers of the 20th century. His notable works include a symphony, the opera Equinox, ballets, and film music. He was born into a musical family and pursued music despite initial studies in philosophy and mathematics. Kozina faced adversities during World War II but continued to contribute significantly to Slovene music after the war, including his role as the first manager of the Slovene Philharmonic Orchestra and a professor at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana. He was also a member of the Slovene Academy of Sciences and Arts.
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