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Gerald Bull Gerald Bull 1928 - 1990 Long-range artillery
Dom Joseph Pothier Dom Joseph Pothier 1835 - 1923 Liturgist and musicologist
William Tyndale William Tyndale 1494 - 1536 Biblical translator and Protestant reformer
Leon Dehon Leon Dehon 1843 - 1925 Founder of the Congregation of the Sacred Heart
George Lawrence Price George Lawrence Price 1892 - 1918 Soldier
Lu Zhengxiang Lu Zhengxiang 1871 - 1949 Premier of the Republic of China
Peter the Hermit Peter the Hermit 1050 - 1115 Crusader and preacher
Leopold I of Belgium Leopold I of Belgium 1790 - 1865 King of the Belgians and European diplomat
Giacomo Puccini Giacomo Puccini 1858 - 1924 Composer
Henry IV Henry IV 1050 - 1106 Holy Roman Emperor and King of Germany
Florentina Ioana Mosora Florentina Ioana Mosora 1940 - 1996 Biophysicist, Actress
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