Joze Plecnik
Other names:
Job / Known for: Architect
Left traces: Architecture of Ljubljana
Date: 1872-01-23
Location: SI Ljubljana
Date: 1957-01-07 (aged 85)
Resting place: SI Zale Cemetery, Ljubljana
Death Cause: Natural causes
Parent(s): Andrej Plečnik and Helena Molka Plečnik
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Jože Plečnik

I am already married to my architecture.
About me / Bio:
Jože Plečnik was a Slovene architect who had a significant impact on the modern architecture of Vienna, Prague, and Ljubljana. He is noted for his designs of the Triple Bridge and the Slovene National and University Library, among other works. His style is associated with the Vienna Secession style of architecture, but he also drew from baroque, Byzantine, and early eighteenth-century Viennese architecture. Plečnik was a modernist who did not reject historic forms, paying homage to history in his designs. He also taught at the Arts and Crafts College, inspiring many young artists and architects.
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