Milka Hartman
Other names:
Job / Known for: Poet and Teacher
Left traces: Poetry and Music
Date: 1902-02-11
Location: SI Libuče pri Pliberku
Date: 1997-06-09 (aged 95)
Resting place: SI Libuče pri Pliberku
Death Cause:
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Through poetry and song, I embrace my homeland's heart.
About me / Bio:
Milka Hartman was a Slovenian poet born on February 11, 1902, in Libuče pri Pliberku. She was known for her work as a teacher for home economics in Slovenia and Carinthia. A number of her poems have been set to music, some by herself and others. She lived a life dedicated to education, culture, and the arts, leaving behind a legacy of poetry and music that continues to inspire.
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