Maks Bajc
Other names:
Job / Known for: actor
Left traces: Yugoslavian cinema
Date: 1919-10-07
Location: SI Ljubljana
Date: 1983-09-25 (aged 64)
Resting place: SI
Death Cause:
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Maks Bajc

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The stage is a canvas, and every performance is a masterpiece.
About me / Bio:
Maks Bajc was a renowned Slovenian actor, born on October 7, 1919, in Ljubljana. He made significant contributions to Yugoslavian cinema from 1955 to 1983, known for his roles in films such as 'Nasa krajevna skupnost' (1980), 'The Sunny Whirlpool' (1968), and 'Blossoms in Autumn' (1973). His career spanned nearly three decades, during which he became a prominent figure in the film industry. He passed away on September 25, 1983, in his hometown of Ljubljana, leaving behind a legacy of artistic excellence that continues to inspire.
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