Danilo Dolci
Other names: Gandhi of Sicily
Job / Known for: Social activist
Left traces: Non-violence movement
Date: 1924-06-28
Location: SI sezana
Date: 1997-12-30 (aged 73)
Resting place: IT Trappeto, Sicily
Death Cause: Natural causes
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It is violence to build without beauty.
About me / Bio:
Danilo Dolci was an Italian social activist, sociologist, popular educator, and poet. Known for his opposition to poverty, social exclusion, and the Mafia in Sicily, he became a prominent figure in the non-violence movement in Italy. Dolci's early life was marked by his aversion to the fascist dictatorship of Mussolini. His refusal to enlist in the army of the Republic of Salò during World War II and his subsequent arrest showcased his commitment to his principles. After the war, he dedicated himself to the plight of Sicilian peasants and workers, becoming a symbol of non-violent protest and earning the nickname "Gandhi of Sicily." His efforts garnered international attention and support, leading to significant contributions to the fight against social injustice.
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