Bostjan Hladnik
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Job / Known for: Filmmaker
Left traces: Dancing in the rain
Date: 1929-01-30
Location: SI Kranj
Date: 2006-05-30 (aged 77)
Resting place: SI
Death Cause:
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Boštjan Hladnik

In the realm of cinema, i seek to explore the unspoken, to portray the depths of human emotion.
About me / Bio:
Boštjan Hladnik was a pioneering Slovenian filmmaker known for his influential work in Yugoslav cinema. His films, often dealing with themes of eroticism and taboo, challenged societal norms and provoked both acclaim and controversy. Hladnik's most renowned work, 'Ples v dežju' (Dance in the Rain), is considered a masterpiece and was declared the film of the century by Slovenian critics. His dedication to the craft earned him significant awards, including the Golden Order for Merits in the field of film creation from the Republic of Slovenia.
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