Joze Javorsek
Other names:
Job / Known for: Playwright
Left traces: Modern Slovene theatre
Date: 1920-10-20
Location: SI Velike Lašče
Date: 1990-09-02 (aged 70)
Resting place: SI Žale Cemetery, Ljubljana
Death Cause:
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Jože Javoršek

Joy to live.
About me / Bio:
Jože Javoršek, born Jože Brejc, was a Slovenian playwright, writer, poet, translator, and essayist. Known for his mastery of style and language, Javoršek was a significant figure in Slovene literature and theatre. His work introduced existentialism, surrealism, and the Theatre of the Absurd to Slovenian stages, contributing to the modernization of Slovene theatre. Despite facing imprisonment and political challenges, his influence on the younger generation of Slovene artists was profound, earning him a lasting legacy in the cultural history of Slovenia.
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