Stanko Prek
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Job / Known for: Classical Guitarist and Composer
Left traces: Symphony in C sharp minor
Date: 1915-11-19
Location: SI Solkan, near Nova Gorica
Date: 1999-01-__ (aged 84)
Resting place: SI
Death Cause:
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Stanko Prek

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Nothing is more frightful than ignorance in action.
About me / Bio:
Stanko Prek was a renowned Slovenian classical guitarist and composer. He was born in Solkan near Nova Gorica in 1915 and passed away in Ljubljana in 1999. Prek was a pioneer in his field, being the first guitar professor at the Muzička akademija in Zagreb, Croatia. He also taught in Maribor and Ljubljana. His contributions to music include numerous publications, compositions, arrangements, and music theory books. His principal works include the Symphony in C sharp minor and the Nocturne for symphony orchestra. Prek's legacy continues to influence the world of classical guitar and composition.
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