Josip Primozic
Other names: Jože
Job / Known for: Gymnast
Left traces: Olympic Medals
Date: 1900-02-07
Location: SI Ljubljana
Date: 1985-08-18 (aged 85)
Resting place: SI Maribor
Death Cause: Natural Causes
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Josip Primožič

Strive for excellence, and let your achievements inspire.
About me / Bio:
Josip "Jože" Primožič was a renowned Yugoslavian gymnast of Slovene ethnicity, born on February 7, 1900, in Ljubljana. He participated in three Olympic Games and three World Championships, representing the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes. Throughout his illustrious career, Primožič earned a total of 10 medals, including two silvers at the 1926 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, four golds, and a bronze at the 1930 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, and a bronze at the 1938 World Championships. His achievements at the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam were particularly noteworthy, where he secured a silver and a bronze medal. Primožič's dedication to gymnastics and his exceptional skill set left a lasting impact on the sport, inspiring future generations of athletes. He passed away on August 18, 1985, in Maribor, leaving behind a legacy of excellence and sportsmanship.
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