Pepca Kardelj
Other names:
Job / Known for: Partisan fighter
Left traces: Commemorative Medal of the Partisans of 1941
Date: 1914-02-20
Location: SI Zadobrova, near Ljubljana
Date: 1990-04-15 (aged 76)
Resting place: SI Ljubljana
Death Cause: Mysterious circumstances
Spouse: Edvard Kardelj
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We Are Involved in Something Gigantic with Our Sacrifice.
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Pepca Kardelj, born Pepca Maček, was a Slovene Partisan and political activist. She became a member of the League of Communists of Slovenia in 1935 and was the only woman present at the founding congress. During World War II, she fought as a communist partisan in Yugoslavia and was captured in 1941, remaining imprisoned until 1943. She achieved the rank of lieutenant colonel in the Yugoslav People's Army and was awarded several honors for her service. Her death in 1990 under mysterious circumstances followed a critique she published, criticizing the regime.
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