Pavel Groselj
Other names:
Job / Known for: Biologist, Literary Historian
Left traces: University of Ljubljana, Scientific Contributions
Date: 1883-02-09
Location: SI Ljubljana, Carniola
Date: 1940-01-26 (aged 57)
Resting place: HR Zagreb
Death Cause:
Parent(s): Jernej Grošelj, Katarina Vilfan
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Pavel Grošelj

Nurturing minds, cultivating knowledge.
About me / Bio:
Pavel Grošelj was a Slovene biologist and literary historian, known for his contributions to zoology and botany, and his involvement in the establishment of the University of Ljubljana. He was born on February 9, 1883, in Ljubljana, Carniola, then part of Austria-Hungary. He graduated in biology from the University of Vienna in 1906 and completed his doctorate there the following year. Grošelj was a teacher in Ljubljana and was involved in early scientific writings. He passed away on January 26, 1940, in Zagreb.
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