Johann Puch
Other names: Janez Puh
Job / Known for: Industrialist
Left traces: Puch vehicles
Date: 1862-06-27
Location: SI Sakušak, Styria
Date: 1914-07-19 (aged 52)
Resting place: SI Graz, Styria
Death Cause: Stroke
Spouse: Maria Anna Reinitzhuber
Parent(s): Franz Puch and Agnes Ziserl Puch
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Johann Puch

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Innovation drives progress.
About me / Bio:
Johann Puch was a Slovene inventor and mechanic who became the founder of the Austrian Puch automobile plants, one of the most significant vehicle producers in Europe. He was born to Slovene peasants and showed an early interest in mechanics. Puch moved to Graz to pursue his passion, eventually founding his own company which produced bicycles, motorcycles, and automobiles. His innovations and vehicles gained widespread acclaim, and he obtained patents for more than 35 inventions. Puch retired in 1912 but remained honorary president of his company until his death in 1914.
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