Ivan Zorman
Other names:
Job / Known for: Poet and composer
Left traces: Poetry volumes and compositions
Date: 1889-04-28
Location: SI Šmarje
Date: 1957-08-04 (aged 68)
Resting place: US Calvary Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio
Death Cause: Throat cancer
Spouse: Josephine Meznarsic
Children: Carmen
Parent(s): John and Marie Pucichar Zorman
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Ivan Zorman

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From the New World, I sing to the old.
About me / Bio:
Ivan Zorman was a Slovene poet and composer who made significant contributions to the cultural landscape of the Slovene community in the United States. Born in Šmarje, Slovenia, he emigrated to the US with his family at the age of four. Zorman was a prolific creator, writing six volumes of poetry and composing music that resonated with the Slovene diaspora. Despite initial obscurity in his homeland, his work eventually gained recognition, becoming classics in Slovene schoolrooms. His dedication to the arts and the Slovene language was evident in his translations and his involvement in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens project. Zorman's legacy is remembered through his literary and musical works, which continue to inspire the Slovene community and beyond.
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