Josip Pavcic
Other names:
Job / Known for: Composer and organist
Left traces: Choral compositions
Date: 1870-07-18
Location: SI Velike Lašče
Date: 1949-09-24 (aged 79)
Resting place: SI Ljubljana, Tržaška cesta
Death Cause: Traffic accident
Spouse: Šuflaj
Parent(s): Jožef Pavčič
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Josip Pavčič

Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart.
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Josip Pavčič was a Slovenian composer and organist born on July 18, 1870, in Velike Lašče. He was known for his contributions to choral music and art songs. After completing his high school education in Kranj, he studied in Ljubljana with Anton Nedvĕdu and later at the Vienna Conservatory. His works are characterized by a late romantic style and include compositions for piano, choir, and soloists. The song cycle Ciciban, set to poems by Oton Župančič, remains one of his most popular works. Pavčič was also an esteemed teacher and organist, influencing many students, including composer Marijan Lipovšek. He passed away tragically on September 24, 1949, in Ljubljana, after being struck by a tram.
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