Joze Pogacnik
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Job / Known for: Film Director
Left traces: Documentary Films
Date: 1932-04-22
Location: SI Maribor
Date: 2016-02-16 (aged 84)
Resting place: SI Ljubljana
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Jože Pogačnik

Every film is a document of its time.
About me / Bio:
Jože Pogačnik was a Slovenian film director and screenwriter known for his work on documentary films dealing with social issues. He first gained recognition as a film critic before becoming a prominent author of documentary films in the 1960s. His notable works include 'Stronghold of Toughs' and 'Cafe Astoria', for which he won the Golden Arena for Best Director at the Pula Film Festival. His contributions to film and his unique vision left a lasting impact on the Slovenian film industry.
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