Ivan Kramberger
Other names:
Job / Known for: Inventor, Politician
Left traces: Dialysis machine improvements
Date: 1936-05-04
Location: SI Ženjak, Benedikt
Date: 1992-06-07 (aged 56)
Resting place: SI Jurovski Dol, Municipality of Lenart
Death Cause: Assassination
Spouse: Marjeta
Children: Boris, Danijel, Ivan, Denis
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Ivan Kramberger was a Slovenian inventor, writer, philanthropist, and politician known for his contributions to dialysis technology and his philanthropic efforts in Slovenia. He was born on May 4, 1936, in Ženjak, Kingdom of Yugoslavia, and made his fortune in Germany as a hospital technician. Kramberger was an eccentric and populist figure, attracting large crowds with his speeches. He ran for president in the 1990 Slovenian presidential election, securing 18.5% of the votes. Tragically, he was assassinated on June 7, 1992, during a pre-election speech. His legacy includes the improvements he made to dialysis machines and the charitable acts he performed for the people of Slovenia.
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