Rudolf Cvetko
Other names:
Job / Known for: Fencer
Left traces: Olympic Silver Medal
Date: 1880-11-17
Location: SI Senožeče, Duchy of Carniola
Date: 1977-12-15 (aged 97)
Resting place: SI Ljubljana
Death Cause: Natural Causes
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For the love of sport and country.
About me / Bio:
Rudolf Cvetko was a Slovene fencer, known for being the first Slovene to compete at the Olympic Games and the first to win an Olympic medal. Born in Senožeče, Duchy of Carniola, he attended school in Ljubljana and then a military academy in Trieste. He served in the Austro-Hungarian Army and later worked as a physical education teacher. Cvetko re-entered the Army for World War I, earning a bronze service medal. After retiring from the military, he contributed significantly to the development of fencing in Slovenia.
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