Zorko Prelovec
Other names:
Job / Known for: Composer
Left traces: Choral Works
Date: 1887-02-11
Location: SI Idrija, Goriška
Date: 1939-02-25 (aged 52)
Resting place: SI Ljubljana, City Municipality of Ljubljana
Death Cause:
Parent(s): Franc Prelovec, Marija Prelovec
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Music is the poetry of the air.
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Zorko Prelovec was a Slovene composer, renowned for his choral works and Lieder. He was also a choral conductor, leading the Ljubljana Mercury choir from 1900. His compositions are known for their soft, tender sentimentality, reflecting his musical poetry. Prelovec enriched the Slovenian musical literature with many original choral compositions and solo songs. His ability to touch the strings that resonate with the Slovenian people is evident in his works.
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