Rudolf Maister
Other names: Vojanov
Job / Known for: Military officer, poet
Left traces: Slovenian national identity and culture
Date: 1874-03-29
Location: SI Kamnik, Duchy of Carniola
Date: 1934-07-26 (aged 60)
Resting place: SI Unec, Rakek
Death Cause: Natural causes
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For Slovenia, with Slovenia.
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Rudolf Maister was a Slovene military officer, poet, and political activist. He played a significant role in the northern Slovenian region during the aftermath of World War I. Maister was instrumental in securing Maribor and Lower Styria for the State of Slovenes, Croats, and Serbs, which later became part of Yugoslavia. His efforts in organizing Slovene volunteer forces and his command during the Austro-Slovene conflict in Carinthia are notable. Maister's contributions to Slovenian culture are also remembered through his poetry and self-taught painting.
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