Josip Ipavec
Other names:
Job / Known for: composer, physician
Left traces: Mozicek ballet
Date: 1873-12-21
Location: SI Šentjur
Date: 1921-02-08 (aged 48)
Resting place: SI Šentjur
Death Cause:
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Healing through harmony.
About me / Bio:
Josip Ipavec was a Slovenian composer and physician. He was born on December 21, 1873, in Šentjur, Slovenia, and passed away on February 8, 1921, in the same town. In his professional life, he served as a physician, initially in the Austria-Hungarian army and later in Šentjur. As a composer, he is known for his theatre music and lieder. Notably, he wrote the first and most often performed Slovene ballet, the pantomime 'Možiček' in 1901. His contributions to music and his dual role as a doctor and composer make him a significant figure in Slovenian cultural history.
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