Avgustin Stegensek
Other names:
Job / Known for: Theologian, Art Historian
Left traces: Cerkveni spomeniki lavantinske škofije
Date: 1875-07-07
Location: SI Tevče, Laško
Date: 1920-03-16 (aged 45)
Resting place: SI Maribor, Styria
Death Cause: Tuberculosis
Parent(s): Andrej Stegensek
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Avguštin Stegenšek

Preserving the past is the key to understanding the future.
About me / Bio:
Avguštin Stegenšek was a Slovene theologian, philosopher, and art historian. Born on July 7, 1875, in Tevče, Laško, he was a pioneer in the field of art history in Slovenia. After earning a bachelor's degree in theology, he pursued further studies in archaeology and art history in Rome, under the supervision of Joseph Wilpert. He was awarded a doctorate in philosophy sciences at the University of Graz in 1906. Stegenšek was an honorary conservator in Styria and contributed significantly to the monumental topography of Slovenia. His monumental work 'Cerkveni spomeniki lavantinske škofije' is a testament to his dedication to the preservation of Slovenian cultural heritage. He passed away on March 16, 1920, in Maribor, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire scholars in the field.
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