Leon Rupnik
Other names: Lav Rupnik
Job / Known for: Military General
Left traces: Rupnik Line
Date: 1880-08-10
Location: SI Lokve, Gorizia and Gradisca
Date: 1946-09-04 (aged 66)
Resting place: SI Žale Cemetery, Ljubljana
Death Cause: Execution by firing squad
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Leon Rupnik

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For the homeland, with force!
About me / Bio:
Leon Rupnik was a Slovene military general and political figure known for his collaboration with Axis forces during World War II. Born in Lokve, he pursued a career in the military, rising through the ranks to become a divisional general. He is most infamously remembered for his role as the President of the Provincial Government of Ljubljana under Nazi occupation and his leadership of the Slovene Home Guard. After the war, he was convicted of collaboration and executed by firing squad. His legacy remains controversial in Slovenia.
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