Leon Stukelj
Other names:
Job / Known for: Gymnast
Left traces: Olympic Medals
Date: 1898-11-12
Location: SI Novo Mesto, Carniola
Date: 1999-11-08 (aged 101)
Resting place: SI Maribor, Upravna enota Maribor
Death Cause: Natural Causes
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Leon Štukelj

Strive for excellence and honor in all your endeavors.
About me / Bio:
Leon Štukelj was a Slovene gymnast and a lawyer, renowned for his achievements in gymnastics representing Yugoslavia. Born on November 12, 1898, in Novo Mesto, he went on to win multiple Olympic medals, including gold, and became a celebrated figure in Slovenian sports history. After retiring from gymnastics, he faced challenges due to his political stance but remained a respected legal professional. He lived a long life, passing away just four days short of his 101st birthday, on November 8, 1999, in Maribor. His legacy continues to inspire athletes around the world.
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