Bogdan Norcic
Other names:
Job / Known for: Ski jumper
Left traces: World record attempt
Date: 1953-09-19
Location: SI Kranj
Date: 2004-04-04 (aged 51)
Resting place: SI Cerklje na Gorenjskem
Death Cause: Illness
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Bogdan Norčič

Fly high, land strong.
About me / Bio:
Bogdan Norčič was a renowned Yugoslavian ski jumper of Slovene ethnicity, known for his daring and skill in the sport. He made his mark in ski jumping history with a world record attempt of 181 meters in Planica, although it was not officially recognized due to a crash upon landing. Despite this, his attempt remains a significant moment in ski jumping lore. Norčič's career spanned a decade, during which he competed in two Winter Olympics and achieved podium finishes in World Cup events. His legacy in the sport continued through his work as a coach, imparting his knowledge and passion to the next generation of ski jumpers.
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