Janez Drnovsek
Other names:
Job / Known for: Politician
Left traces: Slovenian independence
Date: 1950-05-17
Location: SI Celje
Date: 2008-02-23 (aged 58)
Resting place: SI Zaplana, Vrhnika
Death Cause: Cancer
Spouse: Majda Drnovšek
Parent(s): Viktor Drnovšek, Silva Drnovšek
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Janez Drnovšek

Towards understanding, towards peace.
About me / Bio:
Janez Drnovšek was a Slovenian economist, diplomat, and politician, known for his roles as the President of the Presidency of Yugoslavia, Prime Minister of Slovenia, and President of Slovenia. He played a significant role in Slovenia's transition to independence and its establishment as a sovereign nation. Drnovšek was also recognized for his humanitarian efforts and his advocacy for peace and understanding.
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