Alma Maximiliana Karlin
Other names:
Job / Known for: Writer
Left traces: The Odyssey of a Lonely Woman
Date: 1889-10-12
Location: SI Celje
Date: 1950-01-14 (aged 61)
Resting place: SI Svetina, Obcina Store, Savinjska
Death Cause: Natural Causes
Parent(s): Jakob Karlin, Wilibalde Miheljak
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To travel is to live and learn.
About me / Bio:
Alma Maximiliana Karlin was a Slovenian traveler, writer, poet, collector, polyglot, and theosophist. Born on October 12, 1889, in Celje, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, she became one of the first European women to travel the globe alone. Her father, a major in the Austro-Hungarian Army, died when she was eight, and she grew up in a German-speaking milieu. After studying languages in London and Paris, she traveled extensively, including a nine-year-long journey around the world. She chronicled her travels in reports and books, contributing significantly to travel literature. Her work reflects a deep understanding of different cultures and a life dedicated to exploration and writing.
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