Gheorghe Bibescu
Other names:
Job / Known for: Prince
Left traces: Wallachian Revolution of 1848
Date: 1804-04-26
Location: RO Craiova, Dolj
Date: 1873-06-01 (aged 69)
Resting place: FR Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris
Death Cause: Natural Causes
Spouse: Marițica Bibescu
Children: Grigore Bibescu
Parent(s): Dumitru Bibescu and Ecaterina Văcărescu
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For a free and reformed Wallachia
About me / Bio:
Gheorghe Bibescu was a hospodar (Prince) of Wallachia between 1843 and 1848. His rule coincided with the revolutionary tide that culminated in the 1848 Wallachian revolution. He was born in Craiova as the first son of Dimitrie Bibescu, a member of the Bibescu boyar family, and studied Law in Paris. After his return to Wallachia, he was elected deputy in the Extraordinary Public Assembly, representing the Dolj County. He took on different offices, including that of secretary of state. Before his election as hospodar, he was seen as an opponent of his predecessor, Alexandru II Ghica. One of his first gestures in office was to grant pardon to radicals who had conspired against Ghica. However, his relations with the Public Assembly started to deteriorate due to disagreements on several legislative projects. He eventually dissolved the Public Assembly with the approval of Russian Emperor Nicholas I. After abdicating in 1848, he lived in exile in France where he passed away in 1873.
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