Tudor Vladimirescu
Other names:
Job / Known for: Revolutionary Leader
Left traces: Wallachian Uprising of 1821
Date: 1780
Location: RO Vladimiri, Wallachia
Date: 1821-06-07 (aged 41)
Resting place: RO Târgoviște, Dâmbovița
Death Cause: Executed
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Tudor Vladimirescu was a Romanian revolutionary hero, the leader of the Wallachian uprising of 1821. Born around 1780 in Vladimiri, Wallachia, he was a participant in the Russo-Turkish War and was influenced by the anti-Ottoman autonomist movement in Serbia. He initially allied with the Greek revolutionary society but later led a popular rising in Walachia to evict the predominantly Greek administration imposed by the Turkish government. His actions were pivotal in the fight against the Phanariote rule and the spoliation of the Romanian aristocracy and people. Unfortunately, his alliance with the provisional aristocratic government at Bucharest eroded his support, and after being suspected of conspiring with the Turks, he was arrested, court-martialed, and executed on June 7, 1821, in Târgoviște. His legacy lives on as a national hero who stood for the rights and freedom of his people.
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