Vasile Carlova
Other names:
Job / Known for: Poet and Officer
Left traces: Ruinurile Târgoviştei
Date: 1809-02-04
Location: RO Buzău, Wallachia
Date: 1831-09-18 (aged 22)
Resting place: RO Madona Dudu Church, Craiova
Death Cause: Infectious disease
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Vasile Cârlova

Forward, with the banner of the nation!
About me / Bio:
Vasile Cârlova was a Wallachian officer and early Romantic poet. Born into a low-ranking Romanian boyar family, he was orphaned in 1816 and later adopted by an aunt. He studied Greek and French and wrote his first poem in 1827. His notable works include 'Păstorul întristat' and 'Ruinurile Târgoviştei'. He joined the Wallachian National Militia in 1830 and passed away in 1831 due to an infectious disease.
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