Nicolae Balcescu
Other names:
Job / Known for: Historian, Soldier, Journalist
Left traces: Românii supt Mihai Voievod Viteazul
Date: 1819-06-29
Location: RO Bucharest, Wallachia
Date: 1852-11-29 (aged 33)
Resting place: IT Palermo, Two Sicilies
Death Cause: Tuberculosis
Parent(s): Barbu Bălcescu, Zinca Petreasca Bălcescu
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Nicolae Bălcescu

Freedom and National Rights
About me / Bio:
Nicolae Bălcescu was a Romanian Wallachian soldier, historian, journalist, and a leading figure of the 1848 Wallachian Revolution. Born into a family of low-ranking nobility, he was a passionate student of history and became involved in political movements advocating for Romanian national rights and independence. His imprisonment and the harsh conditions therein led to health issues that eventually claimed his life. Bălcescu's legacy includes his historical writings and his role in shaping Romanian national consciousness.
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