Ioan Slavici
Other names:
Job / Known for: Writer, journalist
Left traces: Romanian literature
Date: 1848-01-18
Location: RO Siria, Arad
Date: 1925-08-17 (aged 77)
Resting place: RO Brazi Monastery, Panciu
Death Cause: Natural causes
Spouse: Ecaterina Szoke Magyarosy, Eleonora Tănescu
Children: Titu Liviu, Lavinia, Ioana Josefina, Marcel, Livia
Parent(s): Sava Slavici, Elena Borlea
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There is no stronger weapon than a clean heart.
About me / Bio:
Ioan Slavici was a prominent Romanian writer and journalist, known for his significant contributions to Romanian literature. Born on January 18, 1848, in Siria, he later became a key figure in the Romanian literary society Junimea and a close associate of Mihai Eminescu. His works, which often reflected the life and struggles of the rural population, include notable titles such as "Mara," "Moara cu noroc," and "Pădureanca." Despite facing political imprisonment, Slavici's legacy endures through his influential writings and his role in shaping Romanian cultural identity.
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