Vasile Conta
Other names:
Job / Known for: Philosopher
Left traces: The Theory of Universality of Undulation
Date: 1845-11-15
Location: RO Ghindăoani, Neamț
Date: 1882-04-21 (aged 37)
Resting place: RO Eternitatea Cemetery, Iași
Death Cause:
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transformations of the world appear as a wave-like motion, with an ascending and a descending curve
About me / Bio:
Vasile Conta was a Romanian philosopher, poet, and politician. Born on November 15, 1845, in Ghindăoani, Neamț County, he was the son of a priest. He attended primary school in Târgu Neamț and graduated from the Academia Mihăileană in Iași in 1868. After studying in Belgium, he returned to Romania as a professor at the University of Iași's Law School. Conta is known for his works on philosophy, including 'The Theory of Universality of Undulation' and 'The Theory of Fatalism'. He passed away on April 21, 1882, in Bucharest and was buried in Iași.
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