Nicolae Teclu
Other names:
Job / Known for: Chemist
Left traces: Teclu burner
Date: 1839-10-11
Location: RO Kronstadt
Date: 1916-07-13 (aged 77)
Resting place: AT Vienna
Death Cause:
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Inventing the future, one flame at a time.
About me / Bio:
Nicolae Teclu was a Romanian chemist renowned for his invention of the Teclu burner, which produces a hotter flame than the Bunsen burner. He studied engineering and architecture before focusing on chemistry. Teclu's contributions to the field of chemistry were significant, including his work on the resistance of paper and wood fibers, mineral pigments, oils used in paintings, and the combustion of gases. His legacy continues through the widespread use of the Teclu burner in laboratories around the world.
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