Anton Holban
Other names:
Job / Known for: Novelist
Left traces:
Date: 1902-02-10
Location: RO Huși, Vaslui
Date: 1937-01-15 (aged 35)
Resting place: RO
Death Cause:
Parent(s): Gheorghe Holban, Antoaneta Lovinescu
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People are made of dirt not passed through a sieve, they were worked in haste.
About me / Bio:
Anton Holban was a Romanian novelist and a prominent figure in the literary world. Born on February 10, 1902, in Huși, he was the nephew of Eugen Lovinescu and had Germanic ancestry from his father's side. Holban made his literary debut at his uncle's literary club, Sburătorul. He was known for his novels such as 'Romanul lui Mirel' and 'O moarte care nu dovedește nimic.' His works often explored complex psychological themes and were influential in Romanian literature. Holban also served as a French teacher and was a theoretician of the novel. His untimely death on January 15, 1937, in Bucharest, left a significant void in the cultural landscape of Romania.
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