Eugenio Coseriu
Other names:
Job / Known for: Linguist
Left traces: Structural linguistics
Date: 1921-07-27
Location: RO Mihăileni, Bălți
Date: 2002-09-07 (aged 81)
Resting place: DE Tübingen
Death Cause:
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Eugen Coșeriu

Language is the memory of humanity.
About me / Bio:
Eugenio Coseriu was a renowned linguist, born on July 27, 1921, in Mihăileni, Romania. He was a prolific author and a significant figure in the field of linguistics, particularly known for his work on structural linguistics and Romance languages. Coseriu's academic journey took him through various countries and institutions, contributing to the development of linguistic theory and thought. His legacy includes a vast array of publications and a lasting impact on the study of language. He passed away on September 7, 2002, in Tübingen, Germany.
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