Ana Cumpanas
Other names: Anna Sage
Job / Known for: Brothel owner
Left traces: Assisted in capturing John Dillinger
Date: 1889
Location: RO Comloșu Mare, Timiș
Date: 1947-04-25 (aged 58)
Resting place: RO Timișoara, Timiș
Death Cause: Liver cancer
Spouse: Michael Chiolak, Alexandru Suciu
Children: Steve Chiolak
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Ana Cumpănaș

I chose my fate when I chose to help the FBI.
About me / Bio:
Ana Cumpănaș, also known as Anna Sage, was born in 1889 in Comloșu Mare, Romania. She emigrated to the United States and became known as the "Woman in Red," a Romanian prostitute and brothel owner in the American cities of Chicago and Gary, Indiana. She is most famous for assisting the Federal Bureau of Investigation in tracking down the notorious gangster John Dillinger, leading to his capture and subsequent shooting outside the Biograph Theater in Chicago. Despite her involvement in this significant event, she faced deportation due to being deemed an "alien of low moral character." She passed away on April 25, 1947, in Timișoara, Romania, due to liver cancer.
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