Gheorghe Mihoc
Other names:
Job / Known for: Mathematician and Statistician
Left traces: Romanian school of probability and statistics
Date: 1906-07-07
Location: RO Brăila
Date: 1981-12-25 (aged 75)
Resting place: RO
Death Cause:
Parent(s): Ecaterina and Gheorghe Mihoc
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In the equations of life, strive to be the constant that defines excellence.
About me / Bio:
Gheorghe Mihoc was a prominent Romanian mathematician and statistician, known for co-founding the Romanian school of probability and statistics. Born in Brăila, Romania, to parents Ecaterina and Gheorghe Mihoc, he moved to Bucharest at a young age. His passion for mathematics was nurtured at the Gheorghe Sincai Gymnasium and further developed at the University of Bucharest. Despite financial challenges, he pursued higher education and contributed significantly to the field of mathematics. His work alongside Octav Onicescu established a strong foundation for future generations of mathematicians in Romania. Mihoc's dedication to his discipline and his role as an educator left a lasting impact on the academic community and the development of mathematical sciences in his country.
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