Alexandru Marghiloman
Other names:
Job / Known for: Prime Minister
Left traces: Influential role in WWI
Date: 1854-07-04
Location: RO Buzău
Date: 1925-05-10 (aged 71)
Resting place: RO Buzău
Death Cause: Natural Causes
Spouse: Elisa Știrbei
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For my country, whatever the cost.
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Alexandru Marghiloman was a Romanian statesman and Conservative leader who greatly influenced Romania’s role in World War I. After studying law in Paris, Marghiloman was elected a deputy in Romania in 1884 and became a member of the government in 1888. As a member of the Young Conservative Junimist group, he favoured cooperation with Germany and Austria-Hungary but on the outbreak of war in 1914 advocated neutrality. In 1916, as leader of the Conservative Party, he refused a seat in Ion Brătianu’s cabinet because he opposed Romania’s entry into the war on the Allied side. Marghiloman remained in Bucharest during the German occupation, acting as president of the Romanian Red Cross. He was a mediator between the occupying authorities and the population, rejecting German proposals that he should form a government in Bucharest in rivalry to King Ferdinand’s government in Iaşi. After Romania’s surrender in March 1918, he yielded to the king’s request to become premier, signing a peace treaty with the Central Powers (May 7, 1918, never ratified). His cabinet fell on Nov. 8, 1918, with the defeat of the Central Powers.
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