Ovid Samuel Crohmalnicean
Other names: Moise Cahn Moise Cahn
Job / Known for: Literary Critic
Left traces: Literary Works
Date: 1921-08-16
Location: RO Galați
Date: 2000-04-27 (aged 79)
Resting place: DE Berlin
Death Cause: Natural Causes
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Literature is the expression of society.
About me / Bio:
Ovid S. Crohmălniceanu was a prominent Romanian literary critic and science fiction writer. He was an authority on Marxist aesthetics and played a significant role in the Romanian literary scene, especially during the post-World War II era. Crohmălniceanu was known for his work as an editor of important literary periodicals and as a professor at the University of Bucharest. His contributions to literature include a three-volume synthesis of Romanian literature between the two world wars and explorations of expressionism in Romanian literature.
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