Petru Dumitriu
Other names:
Job / Known for: Novelist
Left traces: Literary Works
Date: 1924-05-08
Location: RO Baziaș, Caraș-Severin
Date: 2002-04-06 (aged 78)
Resting place: FR Metz, Lorraine
Death Cause: Natural Causes
Spouse: Henriette Yvonne Stahl, Irina Medrea
Children: Irene, Helene
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The pen is mightier than the sword.
About me / Bio:
Petru Dumitriu was a Romanian-born novelist who wrote both in Romanian and in French. Born in Baziaș, Romania, he was fluent in French from childhood. His literary career began in Romania, but after defecting to the West in 1960, he settled in France and continued his work. Dumitriu's novels, often reflecting on personal and political themes, have been translated into several languages, contributing to his international recognition.
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