Majda Sepe
Other names:
Job / Known for: Singer
Left traces: Slovenian folk music
Date: 1937-07-02
Location: SI Ljubljana
Date: 2006-04-11 (aged 69)
Resting place: SI
Death Cause:
Spouse: Mojmir Sepe
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Majda Sepe

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Music is the melody of life that resonates with our deepest emotions.
About me / Bio:
Majda Sepe, born Majda Bernard, was a renowned Slovenian singer, celebrated for her contributions to the Golden Age of Slovenian folk music. She began her career early, studying singing and performing in Paris at the age of 19. Her marriage to Mojmir Sepe, a musician, marked the beginning of a successful partnership in music. Majda's name is strongly connected with the Slovenska popevka festival, where she performed some of the greatest hits, now considered evergreens. Her legacy continues to influence Slovenian music.
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