Vasile Voiculescu
Other names:
Job / Known for: Poet, writer
Left traces: Literary works
Date: 1884-11-27
Location: RO Pârscov, Buzău
Date: 1963-04-26 (aged 79)
Resting place: RO Bucharest
Death Cause: Natural causes
Spouse: Maria Mittescu
Children: Martha Elisabeta, Olga-Sultana, Radu Ilie Vasile, Ion, Gabriela-Michaela
Parent(s): Costache Voicu, Sultana Hagiu
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Through art, we can endure suffering.
About me / Bio:
Vasile Voiculescu was a Romanian poet, short-story writer, playwright, and physician. Born in Pârscov, Buzău County, Romania, to a family of wealthy peasants, he began his education in Pleșcoi, Buzău in 1890. He later attended the Gheorghe Lazăr High School in Bucharest. Voiculescu initially started his university studies at the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy in Bucharest but soon switched to the Faculty of Medicine, which he completed in 1910. He married Maria Mittescu, whom he knew from his native village, and dedicated poems and love letters to her. Voiculescu made his literary debut in 1912 in Convorbiri literare. He practiced medicine in rural areas and served as a military doctor during World War I. His literary contributions include volumes of poetry, theater, and short stories, earning him the National Poetry Prize in 1941. Despite facing the hardships of the communist regime and being imprisoned from 1958 to 1962, he continued to write, leaving behind a legacy of profound and lyrically complex works.
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