Ioan lon Cantacuzino
Other names: Ioan Cantacuzino
Job / Known for: Physician and Bacteriologist
Left traces: Cantacuzino Institute
Date: 1863-11-25
Location: RO Bucharest
Date: 1934-01-14 (aged 71)
Resting place: RO Bellu Cemetery, Bucharest
Death Cause: Pneumonia
Parent(s): Ion C. Cantacuzino
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Ioan Cantacuzino was a renowned Romanian physician and bacteriologist, a professor at the School of Medicine and Pharmacy of the University of Bucharest, and a titular member of the Romanian Academy. He established the fields of microbiology and experimental medicine in Romania, and founded the Ioan Cantacuzino Institute. His discoveries were relevant in the treatment of cholera, epidemic typhus, tuberculosis, and scarlet fever. As a disciple of Mechnikov, he devoted part of his research to expanding on the latter's field of interest. He invented the notion of contact immunity and was appointed head of the staff combatting the cholera epidemic in the Romanian Army during the Second Balkan War and World War I.
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