Juan de Dios Guevara
Other names: Juan de Dios Guevara Romero
Job / Known for: Chemist
Left traces: Chemical Society of Peru
Date: 1910-03-01
Location: PE Pisco, Ica Region
Date: 2000-05-06 (aged 90)
Resting place: PE Lima
Death Cause: Natural Causes
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Knowledge is the pathway to freedom.
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Juan de Dios Guevara Romero was a distinguished Peruvian chemist known for his significant contributions to the field of chemistry in Peru. He was born on March 1, 1910, in Pisco, Ica Region, Peru. Guevara's academic journey began at the Faculty of Sciences of the National University of San Marcos, and he later studied at the School of Chemistry and Pharmacy of Peru. His career in teaching started in 1936 as an Assistant Professor of Analytical Chemistry, and he eventually became a senior lecturer at the National University of San Marcos. Guevara was also elected dean of its faculty for two consecutive terms and served as rector from November 1966 until October 1977. Additionally, he held the position of president of the National Council of Universities of Peru from 1971 to 1977. Guevara's work extended beyond academia as he initially worked in the analytical laboratories of the Peruvian Corporation and later took charge of production at the Maldonado Laboratories. His dedication to his field was recognized when he was made a Professor Emeritus by San Marcos university. Guevara was also the President of the Chemical Society of Peru and organized the Latin American Chemistry Congress in Lima. His scientific contributions have been published in various magazines, and he has authored articles and books that are used in university courses across South America. For his outstanding achievements, he received numerous awards, including the Cross of the Order of King Alfonso X from the Spanish government. Guevara passed away on May 6, 2000, in Lima, Peru, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire many in the scientific community.
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