Mariano Iberico Rodriguez
Other names:
Job / Known for: Philosopher
Left traces: Philosophical works
Date: 1892-04-11
Location: PE Cajamarca
Date: 1974 (aged 82)
Resting place: PE
Death Cause:
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Mariano Iberico Rodríguez

The feeling of cosmic life is the aesthetic emotion par excellence.
About me / Bio:
Mariano Iberico Rodríguez was a prominent Peruvian philosopher born on April 11, 1892, in Cajamarca, Peru. He pursued higher education at the National University of San Marcos in Lima, where he was awarded doctorates in Literature, Political Science and Administration, and Jurisprudence in 1919. Throughout his career, he taught various philosophy courses and served as rector of the University. His philosophical works, influenced by Henri Bergson, focused on aesthetics, metaphysics, and the dialectics of being and appearing. Iberico Rodríguez's contributions to philosophy are significant, particularly in the Spanish-speaking world. He passed away in 1974 in Lima, leaving behind a legacy of intellectual inquiry and a body of work that continues to be studied and appreciated.
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