Arsenie Boca
Other names:
Job / Known for: Priest
Left traces: Prislop Monastery
Date: 1910-09-29
Location: RO Vața de Sus, Hunedoara
Date: 1989-11-28 (aged 79)
Resting place: RO Prislop Monastery, Silvașu de Sus
Death Cause: Illness
Parent(s): Iosif and Cristina
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Faith is the blue sky of the soul.
About me / Bio:
Arsenie Boca was a Romanian Orthodox monk, theologian, and artist. Born on September 29, 1910, in Vața de Sus, he became known for his spirituality, paintings, and persecution under the Communist regime. He contributed to the cultural and spiritual life of Romania through his works and teachings. Despite facing trials and tribulations, his legacy continues to inspire many.
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